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Some of the subjects we've been delighted to dance with:

Middle Path - plants, medicines, wildlife

Stormwater erosion at Middle Path Middle Path
Stormwater erosion at Middle Path

A look at a light rainfall coursing down the growing erosion gully at the top of our drive.
The Eyes Have It Features
The Eyes Have It

A presentation to the “Maleny Mob” describing the rich array of information available in your eyes as detailed by the Rayid model of Iris interpretation.
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Empower Your Consciousness Features
Empower Your Consciousness

Another presentation to the “Maleny Mob” describing human consciousness, how it works and how to work with it. The benefits of operating at higher levels of consciousness are a key feature of this talk.
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Cactus Flower Opening Features
Cactus Flower Opening

Around Christmas time the hanging cacti ( which I think are Echinopsis thelegona) produce the largest and most beautiful flowers which only open after dark and are pretty well exhausted by the morning. Here's what that brief life looks like for one flower.......
Driving through Middle Path Middle Path
Driving through Middle Path

a look at the Autumn flowers along the drive.
A Walk with the Broms Healing Herbs
A walk with the Broms at Middle Path

a look at the April blossoms along the drive.
Blues Buster Tea Healing Herbs
Blues Buster Tea and Tincture

a natural remedy for Depression Worry Stress, specifically formulated to help you banish the blues and brighten up your life
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Making a Tincture Health in the Home
Making a Tincture - home made medicine

How to make a medicine from plants in your garden.
watch the video on how to apply a herbal tincture externally Health in the Home
How to apply a herbal tincture externally

concerned about the consequences of taking your tincture internally - here is how you can use it externally to alleviate your concerns..
Bees Harvesting Nasturtium Healing Herbs
Bees Harvesting Nasturtium - home made medicine

How the Bees harvest the pollen to make their medicine (honey) from plants in our garden.
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a Spring Planting at Middle Path Healing Herbs
a Spring Planting at Middle Path - celebrating Ostara downunder

It's impossible to ignore the onset of colour, scent and visual delight each year and we always seem to add more plants to the gardens - here is a glimpse of some herbs we planted in 2012.
a Spring Planting 3 weeks on Healing Herbs
a Spring Planting after 3 weeks - how the plants grow

Three weeks later the plants have all taken enthusiastically and are showing early signs of maturity.
Chickweed Healing Herbs
Chickweed - nature's natural fat-buster, skin detox and cancer fighter

If you haven't access to fresh Chickweed - which nobody has during the summer anyway, our tea or tincture is the best way to enlist the help of this potent herb. The tincture is simple to use and so convenient when you are travelling.
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Chickweed Healing Herbs
Chickweed - nature's natural fat-buster

This lovely low-growing, trailing weed is delicious, the whole herb is used in salads, soups or stir frys and as a herbal tea. Chickweed is very high in Protein, minerals and Vitamin C and is excellent for helping to dissolve fats in the body. Chickweed is excellent for weight reduction, particularly in discouraging fat retention.
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Herb Robert Healing Herbs
Herb Robert - cancer killer in the garden

This delightful herb has many names: Herb Robertianum, St. Robert, Storkbill, Cranesbill, Red Robin, Fox geranium, St. Robert's Wort, Bloodwort, Felonwort, Dragon's blood. It is an irrepressible, joyous addition to any garden and will add beauty, health, healing wherever it grows.
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Lemon - a marvellous gift from nature Healing Herbs
Lemon - a marvellous gift from nature

The lemon has so many health benefits, it offers easy to prepare remedies for a host of ailments such as colds, chills, headaches, coughs, flus, Influenza to mention just a few of the better-known recipes. It is probably the only fruit which you will find in bars around the world - and there is a reason - its health-restoring and preserving qualities have been known for millenia.
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Nasturtium Healing Herbs
Nasturtiuma natural, potent antibiotic from nature

We have found Nasturtium to be a potent broad-spectrum antibiotic and healer which far surpasses any medical antibiotic in speed and effectiveness. A significant ingredient in many culinary dishes, Nasturtium is known to stimulate the appetite, promote digestion and metabolism.

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Wild Raspberry Healing Herbs
Wild Raspberry - a great help with childbirth and with cancer too!

This "weed" grows profusely at Middle Path and we have heard tales of it "taking over" underutilised pasture very rapidly. The plant is listed as a “threat to Pacific island ecosystems”. We enjoy early mornings gathering their wild fruit for breakfast. What a delight to enjoy these natural abundant nutritional gifts from Nature.
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Yellow Dock Healing Herbs
Yellow Dock - a broad spectrum healer for all ills

If we could only take a few herbs with us – this would be one of them! Dock has powerful medicinal properties and acts as a natural iron in the human system. It is a wonderful blood purifier and body cleanser - known to have helped heal scrofula, leprosy and tumors.
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The Return of the Platypus Wildlife
The Return of the Platypus

after a 3 year absence one of our favourite neighbours came back - what a delight!
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Catbirds at Middle Path Wildlife
Catbirds at Middle Path

Catbirds visiting Middle Path to feast on berries outside my office window.
Coding with a Cat at Middle Path Wildlife
Horus helping out

Sometimes Horus insists on contributing his energy to a coding session - not sure if it helps the code a lot but it's hard to say "no".
The Case of the Missing Husband Wildlife
The Kelpies helping out

Sometimes - usually in the morning - the Kelpies are pressed into a search and find mission.
Spring Cleaning at Middle Path Wildlife
A Bush Turkey helping out

An enterprising Bush Turkey started building a mound next to our home - we collected around 7 trailer-loads of mulch from his efforts and, fortunately, dissuaded him from bringing a female to make another clutch.
spectra which dance Features
How we got our name - spectra which dance

Watch the dancing spectra in the temple at Middle Path - what else could we call our work with light?
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 a Ecliptical Spectra at Middle Path Features
A Unique view of an Eclipse - ecliptical spectra

We were delighted by the spectacle displayed in our main room during the Moons passage across the face of the Sun - a timelapse video of the celestial pageant.

From elsewhere

New Year's Eve on Mooloolaba Esplanade, 2017 New Year's Eve
Fireworks and folks glimpsed from Mooloolaba Esplanade, 2017 with the moon getting an honourable mention.
A Whale watching at Hervey Bay A Whale watching at Hervey Bay
What else could you do in Hervey Bay during September? We had a delightful day and here's what it looked like through the lens.
 A Day in the Life of a Sandbar
A timelapse of the visuals created by the beach, ocean, wind and clouds the tide went and came at Hervey Bay
Maleny Botanic Gardens Opening Day Maleny Botanic Gardens Opening Day

Plants thrive in the rich soil. Birds and wildlife flock to the cascading waterfalls, ponds and open areas. As a work in progress, it is an inspiring 'must see' for nature and gardening enthusiasts. As the garden changes colour with seasons, and as work progresses, the space and the views are continually evolving and excelling themselves.
A quick return trip through Maleny's innerskirts A quick return trip through Maleny's innerskirts
A local development along the lines of Google Street View camcars brings you a virtual tour of Maple Street courtesy of the Dancing Spectrum Car Cam.
Kim Kirkman's Lift Gallery Opening Kim Kirkman's Lift Gallery Opening

Maleny Magic Manifests

What a treat to work with such delightful material - visually voluptuous, amazing audio and momentous metaphysical magic - a videographers dream indeed - thank you Kim.
Maleny Agricultural Show Maleny Show

a collage of the Maleny Agricultural Show.

Every year the Maleny community creates one of the Sunshine Coast's premier events which showcases the many facets of life in a thriving rural environment.

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